• Media Capture in Zimbabwe: Fact or Fiction (Documentary)
  • 27 Apr 2021

Digital Rights and Policy Specialist, Koliwe Majama is featured in a recently released documentary entitled Media Capture in Zimbabwe: Fact or Fiction?  which probes the independence of the mainstream media in Zimbabwe dating back to before Independence in 1980. In the documentary produced by the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe and Content Creators Network ZW, Majama explains how the current media reforms have resulted in the consolidation of ownership of the broadcasting sector with a few individuals and organisations linked to the ruling ZANU PF party and the military now in control of the newly licensed radio and television stations in the country. Majama blames the Broadcasting Services Act for entrenching the media capture by among others not ensuring the independence of both the new stations and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) members who issue out licenses. She said although the new digital platforms have expanded the media sector, Majama bemoans the fact that these have not been able to effectively counter the media capture because of the tendency of being inclined to be politically correct, follow commercial interests and replicate mainstream media while ignoring hard hitting investigative and corruption stories.