• Nell English Walks Tall For Zimbabwes LGBTQI+ Community literally!
  • 21 Dec 2018

When a deputy headmaster at one of Zimbabwe’s top schools recently came out as gay, he faced a backlash that revealed a deep-seated homophobia. One Zimbabwean decided to stand up and out in support of the LGBTQI+ community in general and GALZ in particular.

In case you missed the story that made international headlines in September 2018, Dr Neal Hovelmeier, adeputy headmaster at one of Zimbabwes private schools, came out as gay.

According to the ZimbabweConstitutionof 2013, same-gender marriage is illegal. The nationsCriminal Law (Codification and Reform) Actcriminalises sexual relations between men. This is the case whether the sexual act is consensual or forced. While the Act does not criminalise sexual relations between women, it does mention that forcing oneself onto another woman or a child is a punishable offence.