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  • 28 Jul 2021


Gender Equality & Inclusion Workshop – HIVOS

Koliwe facilitated a two-day Gender Equality and Inclusion workshop, in December 2019 The workshop was organised by Hivos Southern Africa for its grantees of the Resource of Open Minds grantees project…

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Koliwe Majama is the overall organiser for the African School on Internet Governance and is responsible for outreach, partnership building, participant selection, the AfriSIG website, fundraising and overall logistics. She…

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Pitfalls of The Internet As A Developmental Tool

On Dec 3 2018, Koliwe supported by USAID and Counterpart International among many other organisations launched her first research project ‘Pitfalls of the internet as a developmental tool’ which seeks…

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Digitalization in Africa (SPECIAL)

In September 2018, Koliwe attended the ‘Digitization in Africa’ conference held by the University in Tubingen in Germany to give a talk and share her thoughts on the topic. As…

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Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe PIC: HarareNews

Womens Rights and Media Engagement Workshop

The presentation held in 2018, supported by the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe walked the audience through various topics. Ranging from women’s right, theSeneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention – 1848, women’s…

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