• Media and Information Literacy panel discussion
  • 06 Oct 2020

Koliwe Majama was a panelist at a discussion on Media and Information Literacy at the 7th online session of the Global Media Forum.

The panel had a comprehensive discussion on the importance of media and information literacy to curb misinformation and fake news, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In her contribution, Koliwe Majama called attention to the need to equip citizens with media and information literacy so that they will be in a position to identify and evaluate the credibility of media content and distinguish it from misinformation and dis-information; identify potential abusers, technology spies and hackers; and  understand privacy implications when using and sharing data with any third parties. Koliwe Majama emphasized the need for an increase in access to information across the African continent to bolster any efforts on media and information literacy, because ‘the more people have access to media content and information, the more they become literate about the media and various sources of information.’