Pitfalls of The Internet As A Developmental Tool

A Study Of The Politics Of Internet Use by Gender And Sexual Minorities In Zimbabwe

On Dec 3 2018, Koliwe supported by USAID and Counterpart International among many other organizations launched her first research project 'Pitfalls of the internet as a developmental tool' which seeks to show how the internet has become a political weapon to infringe on the rights of marginal sexual and gender communities rather than a developmental tool and seeks to make recommendations for policy and legislative reform specific to the marginalised communities. The research focused on different target groups - sex workers and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities in Zimbabwe - whom although have different characteristics, their interests and the challenges they face intersect in several ways.

Koliwe released a book that details the research, including findings and recommendations. You can find out all the details and more by reading the FREE e-book.